Donation Solicitation

The Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation does not actively solicit donations from the general public.  We do not make phone calls or visit your home to ask for your financial support.  If you receive a phone call or an in-person visit stating funds are being raised for the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation, please know this is not an authorized effort of the Foundation.

While some law enforcement agencies, their Foundations or Associations do use legitimate donation solicitation services, many of the solicitations you receive are scams.  Before you donate money to any cause, we strongly encourage you to research who you are donating to, what percentage of your donation is kept by the solicitor versus given to the cause, etc.

The Foundation’s annual Colonel’s Challenge Charity Golf Tournament does solicit sponsorship from corporations and businesses, but does not solicit support from the general public based off phone lists.  Should you receive a call asking for your support of the Colonel’s Challenge Charity Golf Tournament, the only mechanism for your donation is to send a check to the Foundation’s office, made payable to the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.  If you would like to confirm your donation, please don’t hesitate contact our office at 720.269.4046.